Sunflower Learning Centre

Welcome to the Sunflower Learning Centre. Here you will find lots of information and fun activities you can download and share with your kindergarten children to support their learning and engage them in fun activities. These activities can assimilate into aspects of the early childhood education curriculum and are in the following topics for easy access. Please explore each one for plenty of ideas and inspiration.


Process of planting and growing the plants, discussions around the environment (impact of weather on plants) and interactions. Exploring the process of plant photosynthesis.


Number recognition, counting and becoming familiar with units of measurement through measuring and recording their plants.


Fine motor skills (sowing seeds), maintenance of the plants eg: daily watering and weekly measuring.


Reading about sunflowers, writing about plants, recording measurements, talking about sunflowers within structured group time etc.


Drawing sunflowers, creating life-cycles and completing craft activities supplied with each newsletter.


Songs about sunflowers and how they grow.