Quality Assurance

Daltons Quality Assurance Programme

At Daltons, we are dedicated to manufacturing the highest quality products for all of our customers, from home gardeners through to nurseries and commercial growers.

Our Daltons Quality Assurance Programme is one of the most comprehensive and robust programmes in the industry. It covers all of our production processes and was established in 1999 with the assistance of international and local industry experts.

Significant investment is made each year into our in-house Quality Assurance Programme which governs all aspects of our manufacturing and is independently audited by Hill Laboratories (a specialist testing facility).

Our Daltons Quality Assurance Manual dictates a protocol of strict processes and procedures for every task and test and reflects our customers’ expectations and the requirements of BioGro (Organic Certification). There are clear guidelines for each stage of product production to ensure consistency across our growing media (compost and soil mixes) ranges.

Customers can rest assured that regular, rigorous testing occurs during the manufacturing of our growing media products from start to finish. Each raw ingredient (composted bark, coconut fibre, peat, and pumice) is individually tested along with the finished product (compost, growing mixes).

For further assurance, Daltons regularly compares its testing outcomes against Hill Laboratories audits to ensure compliance.

Daltons In-house Laboratory

Some examples of the tests conducted by our technical team at our in-house laboratory are:

Weed Germination Check
Each raw ingredient is put into a tray and watered inside a hot house to check for germination of any weeds. Raw ingredient components include composted bark, coconut fibre, peat, and pumice.

pH Analysis
Every Daltons growing mix and compost product receives a pH analysis test to measure its acidity/alkalinity. This ensures the pH levels are within the right range for what each of the products will be used for.

EC Electrical Conductivity (EC) Test
Designed for plant safety, the EC test ensures that nutrient levels within the mix or compost are safe for you to plant into.

Other tests that are carried out in our labs are moisture content analysis, physical analysis, sieve analysis along with benchmark comparison and general growing tests.

Tests conducted at an out-sourced, independent laboratory
Daltons undertake regular tests for complete nutrient analysis and chemical residue. Due to the complexity of these tests, they are sent off-site to Hill Laboratories.

Daltons Quality Statement

  1. Demonstrate to the horticultural industry our dedication to quality through a management strategy of quality assurance.

  2. Demonstrate our commitment to customer satisfaction through increasing awareness of superior service and improved quality products.

  3. Supply products that consistently meet our customers’ needs and specifications.

  4. Conduct in-house quality tests on a regular basis complying with best practice, pre-determined testing methods and frequency requirements.

  5. Arranging for an independent laboratory to verify compliance by monitoring the in-house testing methods, frequency, and result compilation.

  6. Engaging an independent laboratory to conduct additional tests at regular intervals. These and their frequency being determined by Daltons Ltd.

  7. Participating in an inter-laboratory comparative testing programme to establish uniformity of testing methods and results.