Quality Assurance

Daltons Quality Assurance Programme

As part of Daltons dedication to manufacturing the best products possible for the horticultural industry, a comprehensive quality assurance programme covering all of Daltons production processes was introduced in 1999. 

This programme was initiated with the assistance of international industry experts.

Daltons Quality Assurance Programme is independently audited by BioGro and Hill Laboratories.

Daltons Quality Assurance Manual defines the procedures and processes of the company to reflect the requirements of BioGro and customer expectations.

Daltons Quality Statement

  1. To demonstrate to the horticultural industry our dedication to quality through a management strategy of quality assurance.
  2. To demonstrate a commitment to customer satisfaction through increasing awareness of superior service and improved quality products.

  3. To supply product that consistently meets our customer’s needs and specifications.
  4. Conducting in-house quality tests on a regular basis complying with pre-determined testing methods and frequency requirements.
  5. Arranging for an independent laboratory to verify compliance by monitoring the in house testing methods, frequency and result compilation.
  6. Engaging an independent laboratory to conduct additional tests at regular intervals. These and their frequency being determined by Daltons Ltd.
  7. Participating in an inter laboratory comparative testing programme to establish uniformity of testing methods and results.
Quality assurance


The tests we conduct in-house are:

pH, temperature, EC, Moisture content, Plant growth index, Germination, Physical analysis, Sieve analysis, Benchmark tests, Weed assay, General growing tests.

The tests out sourced are:

nutrient analysis, pesticide/herbicide/heavy metal residue.