Daltons Organic Compost

Daltons Organic Compost

Daltons Organic Compost introduces organic matter and nutrition to the soil, stimulating micro-organism activity whilst providing moisture retention, drainage and goodness.

  • Full supply of composted organic nutrients.
  • Guaranteed weed-free.
  • Includes Bioinoculant Granules Chemical-free friendly fungus for natural disease suppression and healthier plants.
Benefits include:
  • BIOINOCULANT GRANULES for plant health
  • COMPOSTED CHICKEN MANURE for plant growth
  • GYPSUM SOIL ENHANCER for plant strength
  • BLOOD & BONE for root development and growth


Where to buy

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How to use

If planting vegetables directly into the soil we recommend using Daltons Organic Vegetable Mix. When planting use with Daltons Organic Bioinoculant Granules for added protection.

Soil Conditioning

As a soil conditioner, it is recommended to place 10cm of Daltons Organic Compost on top of the garden and fork it in thoroughly to a depth of approximately 10-20cm.


Daltons Organic Compost is also ideal as a mulch; spread to a depth of 5cm taking care to keep the base of the plant clear.

50/50 Planting
  1. Dig a hole twice the size of the root ball.
  2. Gently tease the root ball out and trim off any knotted roots.
  3. Place the plant into the hole so the base of the stem is at ground level.
  4. Mix the soil from the hole with equal parts of Daltons Organic Compost and fill the hole back in gently, shaking the plant to distribute the soil/compost mix evenly around the roots.
  5. Gently firm the soil and water thoroughly.


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