Daltons Premium Orchid Food

Daltons Premium Orchid Food

For deep, rich leaf colour, beautiful blooms, and strong root development, Daltons Premium Orchid Food is the perfect way to feed orchids. Safe to use on all plants. It has a high quality formulation for optimum absorbtion and faster response following application.

  • For orchids and general garden use.
  • Fully water soluble, pure formulation.
  • Contains NPK, Magnesium and Trace Elements.
  • Balanced nutrition.
  • Water soluble.
  • Trace Elements.

N:20  P:8  K:16 +TE

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How to use

Daltons Premium Orchid Food makes up to 125 litres of plant food. 

All Orchids in Pots and Containers

Dissolve at 2 grams per litre of water. Apply half a litre to each plant fortnightly, during the growing season only. 
Apply directly to the orchid mix, avoiding foliage. 

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Outdoor Plants and General Garden Use

Disolve at 2-4 grams per litre of water.
Apply directly to the garden soil, avoiding foliage. 


Tips and know how

  • Use water that is room temperature or slightly warmer.
  • Allow water to run through your orchid mix during watering.

Note: Once product has been opened, it may absorb moisture, especially during periods of high humidity. Reseal original bag.


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