Daltons Premium Orchid Mix

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Daltons Premium Orchid Mix

Daltons Premium Orchid Mix guarantees healthy, strong flowering orchids. Daltons Premium Orchid Mix is used by commercial orchid growers and produced from sustainable, renewable ingredients. 

Daltons Premium Orchid Mix contains screened, graded New Zealand pine bark chip and coco fibre to provide the very best structure, air filled porosity and water holding capacity for growing orchids in containers. 

  • Aged bark holds water and nutrients on outer surface.
  • Promotes healthy plant growth.
  • Very hard physical structure - will not compost.
  • Ideal for both hobbyist and commercial growers.
  • Contains added dolomite for stable pH.
  • 12 month controlled release fertiliser.
  • Rewets easily.

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How to use

Potting Your Orchid

Orchids need to be repotted every 12-18 months. An orchid that remains in the same pot too long will begin to flower poorly and deteriorate. Always repot when plant has outgrown its container. Ensure the plant is not in spike or flowering when repotting.

Instructions For Potting Orchids
  1. Before potting or repotting, water the orchid and leave to drain for approximately one hour. If the plant does not come loose it may be better to break the pot.
  2. Select a clean pot around 5cm wider than the original pot. If the pot is dirty, wash it with disinfectant and hot water (such as 10% bleach solution). Rinse thoroughly.
  3. Gently tease roots to separate and remove all old mix. Healthy roots are firm and white with light green tips. Dead roots are soft and light brown. Use clean shears to trim off dead or damaged roots.
  4. Quarter fill the pot with Daltons Premium Orchid Mix.
  5. Centre the plant in the pot and top up with Daltons Premium Orchid Mix. Gently pack the mix around roots and press down firmly. Leave a couple of centimeters space at the top of the pot for watering. 
  6. Water the plant thoroughly immediately after planting to settle the mix around roots.

After repotting, keep plants sheltered from excessive heat, mist daily until new root growth is evident, and then resume normal watering. Keep plant shaded during the heat of summer.


Daltons Premium Orchid Mix contains 12 month controlled release fertiliser to provide a base level of nutrient supply. Supplimentary feeding is recommended.

Regular applications of Daltons Premium Orchid Food will encourage rich leaf colour, beautiful blooms and strong root development. Follow instructions on packet.


Tips and know how

"Growing commercial quality orchids is easier than you think, and immensely rewarding. With Daltons Premium Orchid Mix you can repot any variety with confidence, safe in the knowledge that you are using the same mix as professional orchid growers. Whether repotting or growing your first orchid, Daltons Premium Orchid Mix will ensure your orchid yields many years of flowering pleasure." 

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