Daltons Premium Planter Tabs

Daltons Premium Planter Tabs

Daltons Premium Planter Tabs are safe and easy-to-use complete fertiliser tablets that eliminate the need for complicated measuring. 

  • Safe, easy to handle and convenient.
  • Slow release fertilising for trees, shrubs, ground cover and containers.
  • Improved uptake of nutrients due to reduced leaching.
  • Feeds for up to 12 months.

Soil bacteria acting on the surface of the tablets gradually converts nutrients to a form that can be absorbed by the roots. The rate of conversion varies with the soil temperature, just as a plants requirement for nutrients varies each season.

N:20  P:4.3  K:4.1  +Fe

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How to use

New Plantings

Position plant in the hole. Backfill halfway up the root ball with Daltons Premium Garden Mix. Place tablet(s) beside the root ball, about 5cm from root tips. Complete backfill, tamp and water.

Containers and Tubs

Make one hole for each tablet 5-10cm from side of container, and 10-20cm deep. Insert tablet(s), close holes.

Established Trees and Shrubs

Make holes 20-25cm deep. Insert tablets in holes around dripline and between dripline and trunk.

Established Plants 

For each 30cm of plant height or spread, or for each 1.25cm of tree trunk diameter use:

Slow-growing plants    1-2 tablets
Fast-growing plants    2-4 tablets
Poor soil situations    2-4 tablets

Pots and Containers

150mm (6") pot    2 tablets
200mm (8") pot    3 tablets
300mm (12") pot    4 tablets
500mm (20") pot    8 tablets

For larger pots or hard to measure containers see rates for established plants.


Tips and know how

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