Daltons Premium Houseplant Tabs

Daltons Premium Houseplant Tabs

Daltons Premium Houseplant Tabs eliminate the need for complicated measuring. 

  • For indoor flowers, ferns and foliage in containers.
  • Improved uptake of nutrients.
  • Reduced leaching.
  • Safe, easy to handle and convenient.
How Do Plant Tabs work?

Water penetrates the coating around the prills and dissolves nutrients inside the granule. Dissolved nutrients then pass through the granule coating to plant roots. Nutrients are released at a regular and controlled rate over 6 months. 

N:20  P:4.3  K:4.1 +Fe

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How to use

Indoor Pots and Containers

Make one hole for each tablet halfway between plant base and outside edge of container. Insert tabs 2-3 cm below the surface of the mix and close holes.
If more than 1 tablet is required, distribute these evenly around edge of pot.

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Pots and Containers
150mm (6") pot - 2 tabs
200mm (8") pot - 3 tabs
300mm (12") pot - 4 tabs
500mm (20") pot -  8 tabs

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