Daltons Premium Lawn Soil

Daltons Premium Lawn Soil

Daltons Premium Lawn Soil is a blend of natural materials designed to support seed germination and grass growth. It is a consistent, nutrient rich, friable product that is used extensively by professional landscapers throughout New Zealand.

Used for sowing of new lawns, patching of existing lawns and preparation for hydro seeding and instant lawn.

  • 100% Weed free – every batch is tested.
  • Consistent – friable and easy to spread.
  • Screened – contaminant and lump free.
  • Nutrient rich – for outstanding germination and growth.
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Sowing of new lawns, patching of existing lawns and preparation for hydro seeding and instant lawn.


Daltons Premium Lawn Soil is ideal for topdressing existing lawns to remove hollows.  

  1. Spread the soil into low-lying areas of the lawn and level to a depth of around 15-20mm, leaving at least the tips of any existing grass showing through.
  2. After levelling, fertilise lightly using Daltons Premium Lawn Fertiliser and water the lawn thoroughly.
  3. After four to six weeks, once grass has grown up through the soil, another 15-20mm of Daltons Premium Lawn Soil can be added to any remaining low spots.

To fill uneven lawn or low areas where the turf would be fully covered, first remove the turf carefully with a shovel and fill in the depression with Daltons Premium Lawn Soil. Lay the turf back in place, water thoroughly and fertilise with Daltons Premium Lawn Fertiliser.

New Lawns or Under Instant Turf
  1. Make sure the area to be sown is clean and level and that weeds have been dug out or sprayed with a non-residual weed killer and removed by raking out.
  2. Spread Daltons Premium Lawn Soil evenly to a depth of 50-75mm. Where the base soil is of poor quality, clay or sand, increase to 75-100mm.

New Lawns
Use a good quality lawn seed and follow sowing guide on packet. Water new lawn regularly and thoroughly until established. For best results roll with a heavy roller after spreading and raking seed. 
After 3-6 weeks fertilise using Daltons Premium Lawn Fertiliser, following application rates for new lawns.

Instant Turf 
After levelling the soil and before laying the turf, add a light application of Daltons Premium Lawn Fertiliser, following instructions on the bag. After installing turf soak thoroughly for initial watering. Gently lift a section of turf to make sure water has soaked through. Water regularly.


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