Daltons Premium Garden Mix

Daltons Premium Garden Mix

Daltons Premium Garden Mix is a natural blend of organic ingredients for use as a soil conditioner, garden booster or planter mix. It is also ideal for rose planting and is used by professional rose growers and local bodies throughout New Zealand. Blended from 100% weed-free materials, Daltons Premium Garden Mix is perfect for all gardens.

  • Contains controlled release fertiliser that feeds plants for up to 4 months.    
  • Contains wetting agent to ensure uniform wetting of mix and improved moisture penetration to roots.
  • Increases organic matter in all soil types. 
  • Improves soil structure and drainage. 
  • Enhances sandy soils and increases water holding capacity. 
  • Acts as a clay breaker in heavy soil types. 
  • Promotes earthworm activity and improves nutrient availability.
  • pH 5.5 - 6.5
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How to use

Soil Conditioner

For best results place 15-20cm of Daltons Premium Garden Mix on your garden and dig to a depth of approximately 30cm. This should be done annually before planting if possible. After planting apply a layer of Daltons Premium Garden Mix as a mulch.

Planter Mix

Dig a hole to twice the size of the root ball and half fill with Daltons Premium Garden Mix. Gently place plant in hole so it is at correct level and fill up with Daltons Premium Garden Mix, gently firming around the plant.

Planter Boxes and Raised Gardens

For planter boxes and raised gardens, ensure a minimum depth of 30-50cm.


Spread Daltons Premium Garden Mix 5cm deep on garden beds to help prevent weeds germinating from the soil below, as well as to retain moisture and help keep an even soil temperature.

After Care

When top dressing or additional feeding is required, use Daltons Premium Garden Mix in conjunction with Daltons Premium Fertiliser range. Refer to packaging for instructions.


Tips and know how

Daltons Premium Garden Mix is the perfect blend of natural ingredients and fertilisers to use when establishing new plants, boosting existing garden beds or planting in raised beds or large containers. For superior results, quality soil is essential. With Daltons Premium Garden Mix you are guaranteed great results.

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