Daltons Premium Aquatic Mix

Daltons Premium Aquatic Mix

Use Daltons Premium Aquatic Mix when re-potting Water Lilies, Lotus and other Aquatic Plants. 

Daltons Aquatic Mix has been formulated using the experience and knowledge of commercial water plant growers. It is a processed blend of mineral-rich loamy clay and sand, resulting in a medium suited to performing in underwater situations, without having any adverse effect on water quality or the pond habitat.

It is important to pot up your aquatic plant immediately after purchase:
1. Fill your pot about halfway with Daltons Premium Aquatic Mix.
2. Place the plant in the middle of the pot.
3. Fill the pot with Daltons Premium Aquatic Mix and press down firmly.
4. Cover the top of the mix with a layer of gravel or Daltons Premium Grade Pea Metal.
5. Place in a bucket of water for about 30 minutes before moving it to your pond, most of the loose product will wash off in the bucket.

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