Daltons Premium Lawn Fertiliser

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Daltons Premium Lawn Fertiliser

Daltons Premium Lawn Fertiliser is specifically blended for lawn and turf applications. The balanced formulation includes slow release Nitrogen and Potassium, with extra Iron (for strong, healthy, dark green turf). This provides complete nutrients for up to 12 weeks, resulting in a lush, strong and vigorous lawn.

Daltons Premium Lawn Fertiliser is a dust free granular formulation blended from premium quality raw materials, making it easy to apply evenly by hand or spreader. The high quality ingredients used in Daltons Premium Lawn Fertiliser deliver thicker, more even growth, with less frequent mowing required.

Contains a wetting agent to improve your turf’s ability to absorb water and nutrients, giving a longer-lasting, greener lawn.

N:20  P:0  K:5.8  +1.8Mg  +2.1Ca

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How to use

Coverage Guide
Rate per m2 Approx. area covered
15 grams 530m2
25 grams 320m2
30 grams  270m2



For even growth and performance we recommend using a hand or push spreader with calibrated measurement.   

One adult handful holds approx. 70 grams. 

1 Metric cup = 300 grams.

Apply to lawns any time of year, but for best results apply early spring, early summer and autumn. Mowing is recommended soon after. Ensure hard surfaces are dry before application. Sweep any excess granules off the concrete, paving or hard surfaces after application to prevent Iron staining. 

Existing Lawns

For established lawns apply at a rate of 25-30 grams per m2

New Lawns

Once lawn is looking established apply at a rate of 10-15 grams per m2, but no sooner than 6 weeks after sowing.

Under Instant Lawn

Prior to installing instant lawn apply at a rate of 15-20 grams per m2 and rake lightly into soil. Once instant lawn is established apply again at a rate of 25 grams per m2, but no sooner than 6 weeks after laying turf.


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