Daltons Premium Lawn Patching Gold

Daltons Premium Lawn Patching Gold

Daltons Lawn Patching Gold is blended from natural and renewable ingredients with added premium lawn fertiliser. Simply add water, watch it expand and let the grass grow! 

  • Fast germinating, hardy lawn seed.
  • Expanding cellulose mulch granules enhance seed germination and moisture retention.
  • Organic bonding agent holds seed and mix in place.
  • Added professional grade slow release lawn fertiliser for on-going complete nutrient supply.
  • Enhanced with natural seaweed extracts and wetting agent for improved growth and root establishment.
  • Natural coir (coconut fibre) provides an instant seed bed and improved root development. 
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How to use

  1. Loosen the top 3-5cm of soil. Remove dead grass and plant material. 
  2. Thoroughly water existing soil in patch area.
  3. Shake bag well to mix ingredients.
  4. Cover patch area with an even layer of Daltons Lawn Patching Gold.
  5. Water thoroughly and ensure water penetrates entire mix.
  6. Patch should be kept damp at all times and may require watering several times a day in hot or windy conditions.
  7. Allow patch to grow to 10cm before cutting. Avoid traffic on patch until established.

*Covers approximately 20 patches of 15cm by 15cm.


When to Apply

For best results use in autumn and spring. However, Daltons Lawn Patching Gold can be applied at other times of the year as long as care is taken with watering and maintenance.  

For best results always use fresh product (within the season). Store in a cool, dry place. KEEP out of reach of children.


Tips and know how

  • If the patch area needs to be raised to fit with existing lawn levels, top up using Daltons Premium Lawn Soil.
  • When grass is established fertilise with Daltons Premium Lawn Fertiliser. Follow instructions on bag.

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