Daltons Premium Bulb Mix

Daltons Premium Bulb Mix

Daltons Premium Bulb Mix has been specially formulated to provide the perfect free draining mix for healthy bulbs and beautiful blooms. 

Daltons Premium Bulb Mix is suitable for use in pots and containers or for outdoor growing.

  • Blended from 100% organic and renewable ingredients.
  • Contains a complete blend of fertilisers including 6 month controlled release fertiliser.
  • Contains added calcium for bulb health.
  • Contains coco fibre to increase moisture retention and promote healthy root development. 
  • Guaranteed 100% weed free.
  • Commercially proven - used by professional nurserymen throughout New Zealand.
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How to use

Container Planting
  1. Fill container with Daltons Premium Bulb Mix leaving at least 3cm at the top of the container for ease of watering. 
  2. Place each bulb to a depth of twice it’s own length under the surface. Space bulbs 2-3cm apart. 
  3. Make sure bulbs are covered and the mix firmly pressed down in the container.
  4. Water thoroughly and allow to drain. For the best results liquid feed regularly during active growth. 
  5. Apply a layer of Daltons Mulch & Grow on the surface of the mix to improve moisture retention. 
Outdoor Use

Daltons Premium Bulb Mix can also be used for outdoor planting providing excellent results. 

  1. Dig a hole approximately 15cm deep. Fill to ground level with Daltons Premium Bulb Mix.
  2. Plant bulbs to the desired depth and cover with another layer of Daltons Premium Bulb Mix.

For potting or repotting some sensitive or specialised crops in containers, best results will be achieved by using one of the following Daltons specialised mixes:

  • Daltons Premium Acid Mix
  • Daltons Premium Cacti & Succulent Mix
  • Daltons Premium Orchid Mix

Tips and know how

"We recommend a generous application of Daltons Premium Bulb Fertiliser once the bulb spike has penetrated the growing media. A second application once flowers have begun to die down will encourage healthy bulb production for the next flowering season."

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