Refreshing the Soil in my Vege Pod

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Refreshing the Soil in my Vege Pod

Soil is one of the few variables that you can control in your vege-pod or standing /raised planter. 

Ideally, it is better if you can change the soil completely seasonally to ensure that the growing medium (soil) has sufficient nutrients and that retains its free-draining capability. By only partially refreshing the soil you could be contributing to "partial success" with the vegetables that you are wishing to grow. There can also be a build-up of pests and diseases in the soil when it is not regularly replaced.

However, if you are on a tight budget or unable to replace all of the mix, you can add more nutrients by topping it up with some Daltons Premium Garden Mix - a natural blend of organic ingredients for use as a soil conditioner, garden booster or planter mix, and contains a four-month fertiliser supply. Another technique is to sprinkle Daltons Premium Vege & Herb Fertiliser on top of your existing soil and mix it well – read the instructions on the box for a guide on how much to use.

For advice on what veggies to grow in your planter, read our veggie growing guides here.

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