Daltons Premium Vege & Herb Fertiliser 500g

Daltons Premium Vege & Herb Fertiliser 500g


N:13.1 + P:4.5 +K12.5 +1.2Mg 

Instant nutrient boost with long-term feeding for all vegetables and herbs

  • Formulated for all vegetables and herbs including strawberries, tomatoes and potatoes. One application feeds for an entire growing season.
  • Enhanced K formulation for increased harvest.
  • For new plantings or as a nutrient topdress for containers or existing beds.
  • Less fertiliser is lost through leaching, resulting in minimal impact on the environment.
  • 4 Month Fertiliser

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How to use

New Plantings Mix evenly with existing garden soil. When planting with a Daltons Premium Mix product, halve application rates. Water well.

Fertiliser Top Up Sprinkle evenly over ground or around top of the planter, avoiding contact with foliage. Lightly fork in and water well.

Seedlings For smaller seedlings (before two true leaves) wait until established before fertilising.


Tips and know how

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