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Glasshouse Vegetables

I am planting out my glasshouse and wondering what grows well in the glasshouse and what doesn’t. I have tried courgettes and tomatoes. Can I grow cucumbers and capsicums?

You can definitely grow cucumbers and capsicums successfully, along with lettuce, beans aubergines, tomatoes and spring onions.

The main advantage of a glass house (and especially in cooler climates), is that you can extend the growing season at both ends e.g. spring and autumn, and of course, it provides protection against unseasonal cold spells that can arrive at any time of the year.

Ensure the glasshouse receives adequate light, is well-ventilated (this is important) and has a good growing medium.

If you’re growing your plants directly in the ground, refreshing and adding nutrients each year is critical. Do this by adding Daltons Compost and Garden Time Vegetable Mix into the existing soil. Compost adds rich organic matter, stimulating microbial and earthworm activity. It also improves soil structure and drainage. Garden Time Vegetable Mix contains added fertilisers and nutrients for healthy veggie production. 

The same applies if you are growing in containers; make sure you replace old mix with Daltons Premium Tub Mix each season. Being in a container, plants deplete the soil more quickly of nutrients.

You could also consider growing some strawberries in your glasshouse next year. Plant them around May or June, and you can well be eating fresh strawberries from October onwards!

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