Growing Vegetables

Growing Vegetables

I want to grow more vegetables in our garden but each time I do, they end up very small or stop growing. How can I help them grow better? Could my soil be too hard?

Initial soil preparation of your veggie garden is critical to its success. Ideally soil should be deep, loose, crumbly, free draining and nutrient rich. To achieve this, dig deeply to 1-1½ spade depth to loosen up and aerate the soil. Be sure to incorporate lots of organic matter such as good quality compost and blood and bone, which improves the soil quality and help plants develop strong healthy root systems. For best results do this about 4 weeks before planting to allow the soil to cultivate. If you have heavy soil (clay based) you can add in Daltons Clay Breaker to improve soil structure and add essential nutrients.

Alternatively you may wish to simply plant above the existing soil level by constructing a planter box. Depth should be up to two railway sleepers high into which you can add readymade compost and a good garden mix which will guarantee success in growing vegetables. Make sure you water your raised planter well, especially in summer.

During the early summer growing months (late October through to early December) side dress with Daltons incredible edibles® Vegetable Fertiliser at 3-4 weekly intervals. Ensure you water it in well.

Other products to try: Daltons Premium Garden Mix, Daltons Compost, Daltons Big Value Blood & Bone.

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