Growing Beans & Peas

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Growing Beans & Peas

I grew beans and peas in the same patch for two years but noticed a reduction in harvest. What should I add to the soil to encourage bumper crops?

One of the keys to the successful cultivation of vegetables in the home garden is crop rotation. This involves rotating the position of various vegetables each year and is a very effective way of achieving maximum yields and managing soil nutrient balance and disease control. To help with this, it’s a good idea to keep a record of what vegetables are growing and where in the garden to guide for planting next season.

Adding in significant quantities of compost between crops will improve the structure of the soil, providing an excellent growing medium for your vegetables. Applying side dressings of Garden Time Vegetable Fertiliser or Daltons Blood and Bone will also help the development of healthy plants and eventually the production of bumper edible crops.

Next winter, cover the vegetable garden with a "green manure" crop, e.g., mustard, lupins, etc, that can be dug back into the soil in late winter, or early spring. This is a very simple way of improving the organic content of the soil in your vegetable garden.

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