Growing Summer Vegetables in Winter

How to grow summer vegetables

Growing Summer Vegetables in Winter

What summer veggies can I grow in the garden over winter, I'd love to have tomatoes and zucchini, but doubt there'd be enough light. Would bringing them out when it's sunny during the be enough for them if in pots?

Unfortunately, your option of growing summer veggies in pots and placing them outside during the day and inside at night is not feasible during winter. It’s a common wish to be able to grow and harvest summer vegies in winter and winter veggies in summer! However, the reality is that this is not as easy as it sounds. Summer veggies have evolved and been bred to take advantage of long daylight hours, high temperatures, and drier soil conditions.

While growing summer veggies in glass houses and plastic tunnel houses in winter is possible, often results are disappointing, mainly because of low temperatures. The cost of tomatoes and zucchini is also considerably higher in winter because of the expense required to heat glasshouses. It is possible, however, to grow the following salad veggies in winter. Lettuce, radish, carrots, beetroot and cabbage for making coleslaw. Parsley, chives and rocket can also be cultivated successfully over winter, either in the ground or in containers. 

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