Garden Time™ Vegetable Mix

Garden Time™ Vegetable Mix

Daltons Garden Time™ Vegetable Mix is a blend of quality ingredients designed specifically for growing vegetables in traditional gardens, raised beds or containers. Using Daltons Garden Time™ Vegetable Mix in raised beds or containers can eliminate problems with poor soil conditions or soil borne diseases.

  • The perfect solution where space is restricted
  • Contains full nutrients for crop, including controlled release fertiliser, with no additives required
  • Contains coco fibre and wetting agent to increase water retention and reduce need for irrigation
  • Overcomes issues of soil quality
  • Guaranteed weed-free


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How to use

Traditional Gardens

Dig a suitable sized hole for the seedling you are planting (generally twice as big as the expected size of the plant). Fill the hole with Daltons Garden Time™ Vegetable Mix. For tomatoes planted in the garden, you should dig a hole that takes at least 10 litres of mix. Plant directly into the mix.

Raised Beds

Loosen the soil below the bed to a spade depth and mix in Daltons Garden Time™ Vegetable Mix to form a healthy, aerated base for roots to extend into. Top up with Daltons Garden Time™ Vegetable Mix to a depth of 20-30cm. Compact lightly by hand before planting and water to see what level the mix settles at before adding more.

Containers or Planter Boxes

Vegetables are not house plants and require larger containers. Drainage in containers or planter boxes is important so if possible add a 2-3cm layer of coarse drainage material such as Daltons Scoria to the bottom of the container. Fill the rest of the container with Daltons Garden Time™ Vegetable Mix. For improved long-term growth, add Garden Time™ Chicken and Sheep Pellets when planting.


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