Big Value Vegetable Fertiliser

Big Value Vegetable Fertiliser

A balanced blend of fertilisers suitable for growing vegetables in the home garden.

Big Value Vegetable Fertiliser is designed to:

  • Encourage healthy vegetables and high yields.
  • Promote strong, healthy plant roots.
  • Add nutrients to boost growth.

Big Value Vegetable Fertiliser is suitable for a wide range of vegetables and edible plants. It can be added prior to planting or applied to the surface for established gardens.

N:6  P:4  K:4 

Where to buy

*Stores are indicative only. Please phone stores for confirmation of availability.

How to use

At planting

Apply at 100 grams per m2. Mix thoroughly with existing soil and water well. For better growth use Big Value Compost to improve soil health.

Established gardens

Apply at 200 grams per m2. Mix lightly with surface soil, ensuring fertiliser is well distributed and not heaped. Water after application and wash any excess fertiliser off foliage.


  • Not suitable as a topdress on containers. Not suitable for adding to potting mix.
  • If the soil is low in organic matter, an application of Big Value Compost is recommended to enhance the soil structure.

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