Garden Time™ Vegetable Fertiliser

Garden Time™ Vegetable Fertiliser

Garden Time Vegetable Fertiliser is a granular blend of compound slow release fertilisers and nutrient specific fertilisers designed for New Zealand growing conditions.

  • Easy spread formulation.
  • Increased soluble phosphorus and potassium levels for greater vegetable production.
  • Delivers essential plant nutrients for 8-12 weeks.

N8  P5  K6  +1Mg  +TE

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How to use

One adult handful holds approx 70g. 1 Metric cup = 300g.    

Prior to planting

Apply at the rate of 75-100g per m2. Mix thoroughly with existing soil to a depth of at least 30cm and water well.

Existing vegetables in beds

Apply at the rate of 75-100g per m2 evenly across the garden bed. Water in well after application. Can be applied all year round to suit your crop.

Tips and know how

For even greater production, improve soil structure by blending Garden Time Vegetable Mix with existing soil prior to planting.

For improved plant health use Garden Time Seafeed, a natural seaweed bioconcentrate.

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