Growing Coriander


Growing Coriander

I want to grow coriander this summer. I want to faster germination of the seeds as it takes 3 weeks for them to grow. Should I plant the whole seeds or as my friend suggest slowly split the seeds into half with a rolling pin and soak the seeds overnight? 

Germination of coriander seed is usually much quicker than three weeks. The normal germination period is 10 to 12 days. Because of this rapid germination there is no need to soak the seed overnight or to split the seed case with a rolling pin.

Remember to sow the seed in fresh Daltons Premium Seed Mix for a better strike rate. Sprinkle the seed evenly on the surface of the mix and then lightly cover with more mix. Water carefully (with a spray bottle) to ensure the germination process begins, and maintain the soils moisture without overwatering.

At this time of the year, place the tray or large pot into which you have sown the seed, in a warm part of your property as this will speed up the germination process.

Repeat sowing of coriander seed at 4-5 weekly intervals to ensure a regular supply of fresh coriander for your kitchen.

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