Daltons Premium Seed Mix

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Daltons Premium Seed Mix

Daltons Premium Seed Mix is a blend of high-quality ingredients and fertilisers designed specifically for germinating and growing from seed. It promotes vigorous and healthy root growth, in seed trays, cell trays or direct sowing into your garden. Daltons Premium Seed Mix is specially formulated to ensure your seedlings receive the best possible start.

Another commercially proven mix, Daltons Premium Seed Mix is used by leading cell growers throughout New Zealand. Daltons Premium Seed Mix is a blend of Coco Fibre, screened New Zealand Bark Fines and Daltons Pumice. This ensures optimum particle size for the germination and growing of seedlings. A balanced blend of fertilisers is incorporated including Osmocote Exact Mini 3/4 Month, a commercial quality fertiliser giving even distribution of nutrients. A wetting agent is added for even hydration throughout the mix and Trichodry is added for chemical-free disease suppression and naturally healthy seedlings.

  • Commercially proven mix for use in seed germination and cell trays
  • Contains Osmocote Exact Mini controlled-release fertiliser to ensure even growth and nutrients for up to 4 months
  • Made from sustainable and renewable resources
  • Contains Trichodry - the friendly fungus - for seedling health
  • Environmentally friendly
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How to use

  1. Fill your container with Daltons Premium Seed Mix to 1cm from top.
  2. Water thoroughly until water drains through base of container. Allow to drain.
  3. Read instructions on seed packet carefully and follow for planting depth and spacing.
  4. Spread seeds evenly across surface. Cover seeds to a depth of no more than twice the thickness of the seed. For very fine seed press gently into the surface.
  5. Seed trays can be covered with glass until they germinate. Once germinated keep in a warm, sunny position and keep the mix moist.
  6. Daltons Premium Seed Mix contains nutrients to grow vigorous, healthy seedlings, eliminating the need for seedlings to be transplanted immediately.  
  7. Transplant seedlings once they are large enough to be easily handled.
Using Daltons Premium Seed Mix for Direct Sowing

Direct sowing can be an economical and easy way to grow your seedlings that avoids the need to transplant. This method is not suitable for all seed varieties so read instructions on seed packet carefully and follow advice for planting depth and spacing.

  1. Prepare garden soil making sure it is loose and friable. For improved growth dig in Daltons Garden Mix or Daltons Premium Compost.
  2. Make a furrow deep enough to allow for at least 3-5cm of Daltons Premium Seed Mix. Follow seed packet instructions for planting depth and spacing. Cover seeds with a thin layer of Daltons Premium Seed Mix to no more than twice the thickness of the seed.
  3. Keep the soil evenly moist to avoid letting it dry out. Use a ‘shower’ setting on a hose wand or a ‘rose’ fitting on a watering can to ensure a gentle flow of water.


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