Flourishing Basil & Coriander

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Flourishing Basil & Coriander

How do I get coriander and basil to flourish?

Basil and coriander have similar needs to flourish in the home garden. Gardeners often plant these herbs far too early in spring, and they do not thrive. They both prefer a very warm, sunny position in a soil that is very friable (crumbly), and free draining. If you have existing clay soils, basil and coriander will struggle and you may well have more success growing these plants in containers instead. In the garden, add Garden Time™ Enriched Garden Mix to the existing soil as this will quickly improve drainage and provide a lighter growing medium for both herbs. 

You can continue to plant both coriander and basil successively throughout December into January as they will thrive in the heat of the summer. 

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