Flourishing Frangipanis

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Flourishing Frangipanis

I have recently started growing a frangipani from a cutting. While it has flowered once, it seems to have come to a bit of a standstill. What should I be doing for it to flourish?

Young frangipani plants can be very frustrating as they grow slowly in the first few years. There are a number of important factors in the successful cultivation of frangipanis. As they originate in much warmer climates, it’s critical they are in a north-facing position or the hottest part of your property where they can receive full sun and reflected heat from walls, driveways, paths and decks.

Do not put your small frangipani plant into a large container, wait until they are almost root bound before repotting. Very importantly, keep the plant dry during the winter months. Cold wet potting mix is often the reason why young frangipani plants die. Remember they are deciduous so do not overwater in winter when the leaves are falling.

Be patient - they are incredibly rewarding as they mature and produce sprays of beautifully scented flowers. Frangipanis of all tropical plants are the ones taking advantage of climate change. Thirty years ago, you would seldom see one in gardens in Auckland, now you see many fine specimens happily growing in gardens or especially in large containers.

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