Basil from the supermarket

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Basil from the supermarket

Why do the basil plants I buy at the supermarket not thrive? Instead of bushing up and looking healthy they look weedy and have minimal leaves. 

The basil plants that you buy at the supermarket have been grown in glasshouse conditions ie. very warm temperatures (even in winter) and in a vermiculite-like (soil) mix that is not designed for long-term growth.

When brought to your home, the temperature drops significantly, and combined with a lack of nutrients in the mix, the leaves begin to fall, and the plant appears weedy. 

Basil is strictly a summer herb when grown outdoors and can be quite tricky to look after indoors over winter. To improve the performance of basil plants indoors, repot into a container/pot with Garden Time™ Potting Mix and place near a north-facing window that receives as much sun as possible. Only water as required with lukewarm water. 

In summer basil can be safely planted outside in a sunny position in soil that is free draining and prepared well with compost or Garden Time™ Compost.

Herbs are easy to grow and cheap to buy from your local plant centre, so rather than buy the short-lived ones from the supermarket – grow your own at home so you always have them on hand. 

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