Best Time to Plant Basil in Dunedin

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Best Time to Plant Basil in Dunedin

What is the best time, and condition, to plant Basil in Dunedin to maximise the crop? To achieve this what is the best condition of the state of soil and what is the best position/situation of the planned new Basil bed, should it be fully sunny or partly shaded? In addition to this, what is the best fertiliser to use? Can the seedlings be planted in succession to achieve the most continuous use of the herb?

With the cooler climate of Dunedin, there should be no rush to plant basil in spring/early summer. Waiting until temperatures rise in mid-November, should be the earliest for planting this herb.

Of all the herbs we cultivate in home gardens, basil has the greatest preference for a full sun position and a soil that is particularly free draining. If your soil is heavy clay, we would strongly suggest growing your basil in large containers with Garden Time™ Potting Mix - basil thrives when grown this way. Otherwise, lighten your existing soil by adding plenty of compost before planting along with some handfuls of Daltons Organic Clay Breaker.

It would be wise to grow more than one basil plant, especially if this herb is important in your food preparation. Plant further specimens at regular intervals throughout summer to ensure ongoing supplies of fresh basil. Basil does not need extra fertilising, especially if you have prepared the soil well before planting (as above) or used a good quality potting mix.

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