Garden Time™ Berry Fertiliser

Garden Time™ Berry Fertiliser

Garden Time Berry Fertiliser is a granular blend of compound slow release fertilisers and nutrient specific fertilisers designed for New Zealand growing conditions.

  • Contains essential micronutrients and trace elements.
  • Promotes plentiful berries year after year.
  • Excellent for berries including blueberries, raspberries, cranberries, gooseberries and boysenberries.*
  • Low nitrate formula suitable for nitrate sensitive crops such as blueberries.

N8  P4  K8  +2Mg  +TE

*    For strawberries use Garden Time Strawberry Fertiliser. 


Where to buy

*Stores are indicative only. Please phone stores for confirmation of availability.
Product ranges

How to use

One adult handful holds approx 70g.
1 Metric cup = 300g.    

Prior to planting

Spread 75-100g per m2 evenly across garden bed and mix thoroughly with existing soil. Water well.

Established plants

Apply at the rate of 100-150g per m2 in spring and autumn. Spread evenly and avoid contact with foliage. Water in well after application.

Topdressing berries in containers

Add 5g per litre of the container. Spread evenly around top of container avoiding direct contact with foliage and water well.

Tips and know how

For an extra good start, improve soil structure by blending Garden Time Compost or Garden Time Planting Mix with existing soil prior to planting.

For improved plant health use Garden Time Seafeed, a natural seaweed bioconcentrate.

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