Daltons Goldcote Landscape and Garden

Daltons Goldcote Landscape and Garden

Daltons Goldcote Landscape and Garden formula combines the benefits of a fully coated controlled release fertiliser (CRF) with the nitrogen stabilising technology of Extend Complete. Each granule contains nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and trace elements. The CRF is protected by an organic resin coating applied to the granule, ensuring plant nutrients are delivered efficiently over a long period of time, according to the plants seasonal requirements.

Extend Complete delivers an immediate, up front supply of nutrients for instant results; the patented nitrification inhibitor coating delivers improved long term growth. This unique combination ensures less fertiliser is lost through leaching, resulting in minimal impact on the environment, improved growth and better yields.

  • An all-purpose formulation for fertilising garden beds, pots, hanging baskets and all landscape applications.
  • One application feeds for the entire growing season.
  • Suitable for planting, general maintenance or as a nutrient topdress.


N:15  P:4.5  K:9.6  +Mg  +TE

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How to use

New Plantings:

Mix evenly with existing garden soil. When planting with a Daltons Premium Mix product, halve application rates. Water well.

Established Plants:

Sprinkle evenly around the plant’s dripline, avoiding contact with the foliage. Lightly fork in and water well. 


Sprinkle evenly around the top of the container, avoiding contact with the foliage. Water in well.  

Measuring scoop inside. 1 scoop = 50gms. 


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