Growing Yucca

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Growing Yucca

I have a Yucca plant that is several years old. It is in a ceramic pot and is root bound. What could I use to give it some nourishment in the form of a mulch, fertiliser or liquid food?

Yuccas are almost impossible to remove from pots, as the solid root ball is very difficult to dislodge. You could try soaking the roots for a period of time and then using a large knife, cut around the inside lip of the pot. This procedure is not always successful! 

Eventually the Yucca will have to be re-potted which may mean the destruction of the ceramic container. In the meantime, applying a small amount of Daltons Goldcote Landscape and Garden Fertiliser around the base of your Yucca. Remember Yuccas are desert plants and therefore their nutrient requirements are minimal. Water regularly after the fertiliser application to ensure it is washed into the roots of your Yucca.

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