Hydrangea Cuttings

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Hydrangea Cuttings

Some hydrangeas I picked and placed in a vase have started to grow roots and have new leaf buds. Can these be planted into the garden to grow into bushes?

Hydrangeas are very easy to grow from cuttings so the plants you have that are forming root/shoots can be easily and successfully planted in your garden. Hopefully these are good varieties as there are many hydrangeas to choose from.

If you wish to make cuttings to grow in future, they are best made during the Winter months from one or two year old wood. Just cut just beneath and above a node (the cutting should be about 20cm long). Nodes are the slight swellings/bumps along the stem where the leaves grow from.

These cuttings can either be pushed into your veggie garden to half their depth or tentatively grown in a container filled with Daltons Premium Potting Mix

You should always get 80-90% success with hydrangea cuttings - they are that easy! When their cutting roots have formed in the soil, transplant them into the desired site or container. Prepare the site well by digging in plenty of Daltons Compost. Hydrangeas can be grown in sun/semi-shade but don’t do well in boggy soil. During the first growing season it’s important to cut back the young plant to encourage a more bushy habit. Feed with side dressings of Daltons Premium Goldcote Landscape & Garden for strong healthy growth.

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