Vegetable Planter Box

Planter Box

Vegetable Planter Box

I’m having to shift my vege planter box, have you got any tips for repositioning it, and what I can do to boost the soil please?

It is important to place your planter box in a position that receives full sun and protection from cold, southerly winds if possible - this may be different to where it was postioned during the summer months. This is especially important if you wish to successfully cultivate vegetables, or herbs over winter.

Now is an ideal time to change the growing medium. Remove all existing mix and at the same time, give the inside of the planter box a thorough clean and check the draining holes are adequate. Replace with new growing media like Daltons Garden Time Vegetable Mix or Planting Mix, which are both suited to planter boxes. These mixes allow for free drainage while providing the necessary nutrients for the development of healthy veggies. Position your planter box on some wooden blocks to raise it above the deck or patio level so water drains away freely.

It is also worthwhile adding a layer of mulch on top which helps insulate plants and their roots during winter. Throughout the growing period, apply side dressings of Daltons Garden Time Vegetable Fertiliser and water it in well.

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