Starting a Vegetable Garden

Raised garden beds

Starting a Vegetable Garden

Which type of garden is best for planting veggies/herbs e.g raised or flat garden and how do you layer the soil?

Establishing a new veggie garden is always an exciting prospect! For ease of access when planting, caring and harvesting, a raised vegetable garden is ideal. Raise the soil level by using railway sleepers or bricks etc to about 300mm high and fill with Daltons Garden Time Compost and existing soil (mixed well).  

If you decide to go with something bigger like a planter box, you will need to fill it with a mixture of Daltons Garden Time Vegetable Mix or Daltons Garden Time Planting Mix, and Daltons Garden Time Compost.

The site of your garden is critical - it needs full sun during the growing season, shelter from cold, strong southerlies and to be in a well-drained part of the garden.

Apply side dressings of Daltons Garden Time Vegetable Fertiliser throughout the growing period and add a layer of mulch during the hot, dry summer months to improve water retention.

At the end of the season plant the area with a green manure crop e.g. mustard, which can be dug in late winter to improve the organic content of your soil. You can also purchase Daltons Premium Garden Mix in bulk from your local Bunnings store.

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