Planter Boxes

Planter Boxes

I have large macrocarpa planter boxes in which I will hopefully produce vegetables. My problem is finding the best product to seal the insides of the boxes. Any recommendations?

From your question we will assume that the large planter boxes have wooden bases to them. If this is the case, to reduce the possibility of the wood rotting over a period of time, ensure that there are numerous holes drilled through the base of your planter box to help with drainage. The planter box must be raised above ground level by using old pavers or wooden blocks to ensure water drains away from the base. 

Renew your planting mix annually to help ensure adequate drainage as old mixes tend to adhere to the base of the planter box which can lead to rotting of the timber. It’s worth noting that macrocarpa is a very durable timber and therefore an excellent choice of material for a planter box.

If the planter boxes do not have bases, then there should be no problem of the timber rotting and there is no need to line the sides either. Add in a combination of garden mix and compost to ensure a healthy medium in which to successfully grow your vegetables. 

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