Planter Box Vegges

Planter Box Vegges

How often should I water and fertilise my vegetables (tomatoes, lettuce etc) which are in a planter box? Also, what’s the best way to deter the cats from using my planter boxes as their toilet?

Depending on the position of your planter boxes, they will need to be watered regularly and thoroughly in the height of summer; possibly every second day. We presume you have used good quality potting mix and/or container mix which is purposely designed for growing vegetables in planter boxes.

Most container mixes have nutrients included, but with regular watering and plant uptake, these readily available nutrients are used up over time. Therefore, apply side dressings of Daltons Goldcote Vegetable and Herb Fertiliser every 2-3 weeks throughout the summer months.

In order to keep cats out of your garden, it may be necessary to enclose your garden in some chicken mesh supported by stakes that are high enough to allow sufficient room for the veggies to grow, while preventing the animals from accessing the growing plants. There are some products on the market which are meant to deter cats from entering parts of the garden through their pungent odour. You might wish to try these and experiment for yourself.

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