Protecting Vegetable Seedlings

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Protecting Vegetable Seedlings

Our small vegetable seedlings are getting eaten. We have carefully searched the plants and can’t find any bugs. We have also used slug/snail pellets but no luck. The plants get eaten to nothing.  What can we do?

To identify what is eating your vegetable seedlings, it is necessary to observe the plants at night, with the help of a strong torch. Most insects are active at night to avoid predators such as birds. You may well be horrified at what you see! Continue your applications of slug/snail pellets, in addition to placing shell and/or wood shavings, or sawdust around your seedlings. These products make it difficult for slugs and snails to move across the ground and discourage them from that part of the garden. Also try placing some whole black pepper around your seedlings as an additional ‘means of defence’.

Another alternative is to protect seedlings with a cloche or covering overnight. You can even place jars or re-use (clean) plastic milk or drink bottles over seedlings. Just make sure you remove the coverings in the morning.

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