Strawberry Soil Preparation and Vegetable Planting

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Strawberry Soil Preparation and Vegetable Planting

I am new to growing fruit and vegetables. For strawberries, what soil preparation is required and what type of area do they grow well in? How close do I plant vegetable seedlings and what depth in the soil? 

Strawberries are best planted in a raised bed into mounds raised around 80-100 mm above the existing soil level. To create this "bed”, add Garden Time Strawberry Mix or dig in Garden Time Compost to the existing soil before planting. By raising the soil level, the soil will warm quicker in spring promoting vigorous plant growth and early fruiting. 

Grow strawberries in a full-sun position and in soil that drains well after downpours. They will not produce sweet fruit if grown in a shady position or if the soil is boggy. Plant them about 15cm apart, making sure the crown (just below the leaves) of the plant is sitting slightly higher than ground level. Then finish with a layer of Daltons Premium Mulch & Grow around the plants.

When it comes to planting vegetable seedlings, spacing depends on what you are growing. Where you are unsure, allow extra space so there is enough air movement around plants and full exposure to the sun. Always consider possible shading from larger growing vegetables such as tomatoes and runner beans and position these plants towards the back of your vegetable garden. 

Seedlings should always be planted at the same depth that they are growing in the punnets when you purchase them. Planting them too deep can cause the rotting of stems and planting too high can stress the young seedlings as they may dry out quickly or can be damaged by strong winds. Again, prepare your soil well before planting using Garden Time Compost or Garden Time Enriched Garden Mix.

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