Sowing winter vegetable seeds


Sowing winter vegetable seeds

With summer finished, what winter vegetables can we sow by seed? 

Time is ticking so get on to sowing your winter vegetables as soon as possible. Seeds of winter vegetables that can be sown in clean seed trays or into the garden include broccoli, brussel sprouts, beetroot, broccoflower, cabbage, carrot, cauliflower, kale, spinach, spring onions, radish, peas, winter salad varieties, and leeks. Seedlings sown in trays should be ready for planting out in five to six weeks. If you are not able to access a garden centre to buy seeds, then consider buying seeds online from somewhere like It takes longer but is better than missing out.

Prepare your winter veggie plots before sowing seed directly by adding Daltons Garden Time Compost to the existing soil and raise the soil level slightly to provide adequate drainage from heavy winter rain.

Remember to rotate your veggie crops and every few years, rest parts of your garden by sowing a ‘green crop’ to add nutrients into the soil and protect beds over winter. Green crops help improve soil structure and provide organic Nitrogen naturally. Sow common lupin and mustard directly into the soil. Once they have grown 30cm and before they flower, pull up the plants and chop them into pieces with a spade, then dig them back into the soil. Leave them to break down in the soil for 6-8 weeks before you plant anything new.

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