Prevent rust on garlic

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Prevent rust on garlic

How can I avoid rust attacking and spoiling my garlic crop? Each year I start with fresh garlic seed bulbs and I have tried planting all different areas of my garden, but they are always attacked by rust.

Garlic is not the easiest of home garden plants to successfully cultivate and you have been doing the right thing by trying to grow in different locations.

Rust can be an irritating fungal disease not only on garlic, but many other vegetables and ornamental plants. It is most prevalent in humid conditions where there is considerable rainfall or heavy night dews.

Heavy clay soils that are poor draining will also increase the possibility of rust infections. Ensure your garlic is growing in an open, sunny position in soil that is free draining. Protective sprays of a copper compound will help prevent rust appearing.

Always remove plants at the end of the growing season, especially if they have shown signs of rust infection, and leave them out of your compost bin. Dispose of them off the property.

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