How to care for white bush roses

white roses

How to care for white bush roses

We have just moved and have the most beautiful white bush roses. We’ve never had roses and would love some tips on how to keep them healthy. 

At this time of the year, your rose care begins as the leaves fall from the bushes. Collect all fallen leaves and remove them from your rose garden as this helps reduce the possibility of reinfection of diseases such as rust and black spot in spring.  

In early July the rose bushes can be pruned. Remove any small twiggy growth and all branches that are overlapping and those growing inward as they can rub on each other and create entry points for disease. Reduce the main leaders (branches), by at least a half, pruning to an outward facing bud (where spring growth will develop). The result you want is a vase shape - don’t worry, it may take a few prunes to train the plant. Always cut at a 45-degree angle so water runs off.

After pruning, make sure you remove ALL of your pruned canes and any leaves left on the ground - do not put them in the compost bin or you risk reinfection this season. Spray with Copper Oxychloride to ward off fungal diseases, then three or four days later apply a horticultural oil spray to kill off any overwintering pests insects, especially scale. Finish with a layer of Premium Mulch and Grow around your plants.

In early October as the roses are producing new season’s growth, apply Daltons Premium Rose Fertiliser at six weekly intervals until mid-December. Apply fresh Garden Time Compost around the base of your rose bushes throughout the growing season. As flowers finish, removing them regularly (dead heading) helps to promote further the development of flowers.

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