Growing Healthy Roses

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Growing Healthy Roses

Our family loves roses and my mum is an avid gardener, however she always has difficulty with her roses. She is wanting to know how she can encourage healthy and abundant flowers? What is the best natural spray for rust and brown spots? 

It’s lovely to hear how much your mother adores her roses. Care of roses is an all year-round effort. Start in spring with an early application of a rose fertiliser that is high in pot ash, such as Daltons Premium Rose Fertiliser, as this encourages strong growth and the production of abundant blooms. Continue applying fertiliser until mid-December, and then recommence again in mid-February until mid-April (remember to avoid applying fertilisers over the hot summer months).

Add Daltons Garden Time Compost around plants during the growing season, mulch with crushed bark to improve water retention and continue dead heading (removal of dead flowers). If some of the roses are badly infected with rust and/or black spot, it may be practical to remove these varieties and replace with roses that are more resistant to these diseases, such as iceberg. 

After pruning in winter, apply a copper spray to the roses and remove any fallen leaves. Good hygiene is essential and can help reduce infections of rust and black spot in the following season.

Unfortunately, there is no effective organic spray for the two significant rose diseases. However, if the plants are well fertilised and the soil is continually improved the roses should be much healthier.