Lack of Dahlia blooms


Lack of Dahlia blooms

I love my dahlias, but I often lose them over winter. Some come up again, but others don’t. Our soil is mostly clay. Do you have any suggestions to help? 

You may be losing some of your dahlia tubers over winter when your clay soil becomes very wet, thereby causing some tubers to rot in the soil. To overcome this problem, lift your dahlia tubers at the end of the growing season once all the foliage has died down. Let the tuber clumps dry for a few days and then store them in a cool, dry area in a shed or garage. 

Discard any diseased or damaged tubers and separate the clumps so that each piece has an "eye" on it. Dahlias grow best in a sunny spot, sheltered from the wind and in soil that is well drained. Plant the dahlia tubers in spring after preparing the site thoroughly by adding plenty of fresh Daltons Garden Time Compost mixed with Daltons Premium Bulb Mix which will help with drainage.

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