Growing Courgettes from Seed

Growing Courgettes from Seed

This is my first year growing zucchini plants. I have raised my plants from seed and the plants are flowering well, however the flowers are not turning to zucchinis but instead are just falling from the plant. Why is this happening and what can I do to ensure zucchinis grow?

First off, hopefully you planted into a well prepared site with lots of compost added to the soil to give your plants the best start.

It is possible that the flower fall without fruit formation is caused by a lack of pollination. It would be advisable to plant some quick growing annuals in close proximately to your courgette plant to attract bees which help aid pollination. Try calendulas, marigolds or some miniature lavenders.

The other possible cause of a lack of fruit set could be from overwatering. Once they are established, courgettes need minimal watering as they prefer a hot, sunny, reasonably dry position in the garden. But of course don’t let the plant dry out.


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