Growing Corn

Growing Corn

This summer I’ve grown corn in a group but unfortunately the cobs only partially fruited. Can you advise where I went wrong and what can I do better next time? 

There is nothing like juicy corn cobs out of your own garden and it’s disappointing when a crop fails. There are a few things that may have impacted your corn, resulting in the partially developed cobs such as; soil, fertiliser, mulch and watering. 

You have done the right thing by planting your corn in a group. This aids pollination and it also helps the plants support themselves as they grow. Many people think corn can be grown anywhere, but it does need a nice rich and friable (crumbly) soil. So next season, prepare the soil well before planting. Do this by adding in lots of compost and garden mix, and combine well with existing soil.

Corn is actually a gross feeder and needs regular application of fertiliser throughout the season. As the plants start growing you should regularly side dress with Daltons incredible edibles® Vegetable  Fertiliser, making sure you water it in well. As the plants continue to develop, water them deeply up to twice a week until the cobs mature. Regularly apply mulch as this aids water retention by hindering water evaporation, keeping the moisture in the soil. 

Crop rotation is important with corn so it’s advisable not to grow it in the same spot each year, as it depletes the soil nutrients more than any other summer vegetable crop.

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