Caring for Garlic


Caring for Garlic

Can you tell me where I went wrong with growing my garlic this year? The bulbs were very small. I also grew some in a container with bulb mix, but they were also very small.

The main problem with cultivating garlic can lie in the initial planting of substandard garlic bulbs that may be either too old or of poor quality. It’s very important to select really healthy, good sized bulbs (avoid anything too small or shrivelled) that have a nice shape with a white/grey tinge and no sign of fungus.
To plant into your garden, first select a site where the soil is free draining and does not get excessively wet during the winter months. To help with drainage, add Daltons Compost and/or Daltons Premium Bulb Mix to existing soil and mix in well to about one spade deep. Label and ensure this site is designated as your garlic bed so the area is not accidently planted over before the garlic sends up shoots in spring.
Once you have prepared your site, visit a good garden centre and talk to staff about when their best garlic bulbs are available and what time is best for planting them in your area. It has often been considered that the best garlic is produced when the bulbs are planted at the time of the shortest day of the year and then harvested at the longest day of the year. 
One final tip would be to apply Daltons Premium Bulb Fertiliser once the new shoots appear.

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