Garden Time™ Complete Garden Fertiliser

Garden Time™ Complete Garden Fertiliser

Garden Time™ Complete Garden Fertiliser is suitable for a wide range of vegetables, flowers, seedlings, shrubs, fruit trees, ornamentals, perennials, roses and bulbs. It can be added prior to planting or applied to the surface for established plants and trees for;

  • strong, vigorous plant growth
  • plentiful, healthy fruit and vegetables
  • bright and beautiful flowers.

N:12  P:3.5  K:13  Mg:1.8

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How to use

Regular application (every four weeks) during periods of strong growth will give best results.    

New Plantings

Apply prior to planting at a rate of 150 grams per m2. Mix thoroughly with soil ensuring fertiliser is well distributed. 

Established Trees and Shrubs

Distribute evenly around the drip line at a rate of 250 grams per m2. Ensure fertiliser is not “heaped” and is at least 20cm from base of the tree or shrub.  

Existing Vegetables or Flower Gardens

Apply to garden surface at a rate of 200 grams per m2. Mix lightly with surface soil where possible, ensuring fertiliser is well distributed and not heaped. Wash any excess fertiliser off foliage.

Water thoroughly after application.

Note: If soil is low in organic matter, an application of Garden Time™ Planting Mix is recommended to enhance soil structure. ½ fertiliser application rates.


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