Garden Time™ Landscape Bark

Garden Time™ Landscape Bark

The one-stop solution for moisture retention and weed control

Garden Time™ Landscape Bark is screened, granulated bark designed for general landscape use. This specific cross-section of particle sizes provides a more effective barrier against weed germination and improves moisture retention. Garden Time™ Landscape Bark is a by-product of the export and processing of New Zealand’s Pinus Radiata plantation forests.

It is a renewable and sustainable resource that provides a natural look in any garden.

• Protects plant roots against erosion and drying out
• Helps maintain a more even soil temperature, improving plant growth
• Increases moisture retention and reduces weeds
• Long-lasting and hard-wearing

For improved growth apply Garden Time™ Complete Garden Fertiliser around plants before mulching with Garden Time™ Landscape Bark.

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