Garden Time™ Acid Fertiliser

Garden Time™ Acid Fertiliser

Garden Time Acid Fertiliser is a granular blend of compound slow release fertilisers and nutrient specific fertilisers designed for New Zealand growing conditions. Garden Time Acid Fertiliser is formulated for acid loving plants including Azaleas, Camelias, Rhododendrons, Gardenias and Daphne.

  • Contains extra iron and magnesium for improved leaf and plant health
  • Promotes healthy green leaves and beautiful blooms.
  • Delivers consistent and even release of plant nutrients for 3-4 months.

N6  P3  K6  +1.5Mg  +TE

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How to use

One adult handful holds approx 70g.
1 Metric cup = 300g.    

Prior to planting

Spread 100-150g per m2 of Garden Time Acid Fertiliser evenly across garden bed and mix thoroughly with existing soil. Water well.

Existing plants in ground

Apply Garden Time Acid Fertiliser twice per season; once in early spring and again after the first blooms have begun to open, at 150-200g per m2 evenly spread across the garden bed.

Avoid direct contact with trunk and foliage.

Tips and know how

For improved soil health add Garden Time Planting Mix to existing soil.

For improved growth and weed control apply Big Value Mulch & Feed after fertilising.

For improved plant health hardiness and drought resistance use Garden Time Seafeed™, a natural seaweed bioconcentrate.

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