White Sticky Bug

white sticky bug

White Sticky Bug

I seem to get a white sticky bug quite often on my moth orchids that I have inside. What can I use to get rid of it and to stop it from reoccurring?

From your description, it would appear that you have an infestation of mealybug which is a common pest of indoor plants. They often look like bits of cotton fluff as their eggs are carried in a white fluffy sack. 

These insects are sluggish and do not move much, feeding by sucking the plant sap. A sticky foliage often results from their feeding. Mealybugs are usually found on the underside of leaves and in branch joints. 

Take your orchid outside and spray the area with a strong stream of water. This should remove the insects. In difficult-to-reach areas, a cotton bud dipped in horticultural oil is effective in removing the final mealybugs. If you have further problems, you can spray the entire plant with horticultural oil (read the application instructions on the pack). 

Regularly inspect your orchid to locate early infections as this will help to control outbreaks. Be sure to check all your other houseplants for signs of this sneaky insect!

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